Matching buyer to seller is key for success

July Property News

There are a number of fundamental factors that together add up for a property sale success story.

These include a focused approach to marketing, a solid understanding of pricing, and being able to reach suitable buyers. The recent sale of 16 Watersedge Avenue, Basin View, is a great example of how to neatly fuse these factors together for a winning result.

Agent Bill Jennings of Oz Combined Realty shares more details on how his team managed to sell this property for the best price possible. Bill begins with the marketing campaign. “When presented with a unique property like this, it is important that the marketing campaign is carefully planned, focussing on the best way to attract the right buyer.

“For this property we chose to run a tailored auction marketing campaign. Not all properties would suit this type of marketing strategy, but we were confident it was the right approach for this property. As sometimes pricing unique properties like this can be quite complex. It is important to do the research and consider the potential the property presents to a variety of buyers.

“Auction was no doubt the right way to go” Bill says. In fact, after 23 inspections, five offers were made, and 16 Watersedge Avenue didn’t even make it to auction. It sold prior.

Here’s why, this property presented buyers with great possibilities of what a lifestyle property could offer. There was high appeal for buyers and no wonder this 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home changed hands fast.

Located on approximately 720m2 of land, and within walking distance to shops and schools, this huge Waterfront Reserve home presented great potential for astute buyers.

And even the competitive environment during the busy icy-morning open houses seemed to have little effect on enthusiastic buyers. Interest remained high all the way through to the finish line.

Bill adds: “It may be cooler weather, but the property market is still hot!”

What the successful sale of 16 Watersedge Avenue reveals is that there’s a right buyer for each property out there. And matching buyer-to-seller is key.

This is how an experienced and local property team can add specialised value for property owners looking to sell.
And buyers shouldn’t miss out either!

So whether you’re looking to buy, or have a property to sell, we’d love to hear from. For all your property needs, our experienced and friendly property team are ready to help. Contact us today.

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Matching buyer to seller is key for success