Oz Combined Realty smashes Huskisson record price again!

November Property News

Sold for a record price in only 15 days!

Sales consultant, Yasmin Keller from Oz Combined Realty has done it again with yet another successful sale – and not only did she achieve it quickly but at a price that has set a new sales record for Huskisson.

Originally, Lot 3 and 4, Beach Street, Huskisson was up for sale through another agency. But with no result inover six months, the owners turned to Oz Combined Realty. In stepped Yasmin, with her incredible selling skills and a wealth of experience, and generated instant interestand a successful sale in just 15 days – and this in an area where properties usually take 12 to 14 weeks to sell.

This is the sort of result that Yasmin constantly strives for and is known for achieving. She has a strong reputation in the industry and has consistently set new benchmarks throughout her successful 30-year career in sales. She also has a loyal client base and prides herself in achieving the very best results for her clients.

Lot 3 and 4, Beach Street presented as an incredible investment opportunity. A particularly impressive and generous property, it was set on two titles with beautifully landscaped gardens and fabulous views over Jervis Bay, Huskisson Beach and Point Perpendicular.

With summer just around the corner, this is the sort of property that’s always in hot demand. There are buyers are out there, it just takes the right agent to find them and draw them in. The previous agent had little interest in over six months while at Oz Combined Realty, under Yasmin’s expert eye, the property attracted 3 offers after 7 open inspections and finally an outstanding sale – and all in just 2 weeks!

Choosing the right agent to sell your property, or help find your next one, is essential. Yasmin is such an agent and has proved this again and again over the past 30 years. She is also surrounded by a professional team of colleagues at Oz Combined Realty that enhances her reputation and performance. The combination of strategy, marketing and excellent negotiating skills has been the catalyst for her success.

Now Yasmin continues to strive for excellence, with this latest achievement breaking the sales record in Huskisson. And this, a property that others failed to sell. Yasmin not only gained a great result but one that no one else had yet achieved. What more could you possibly want in an agent?

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Oz Combined Realty smashes Huskisson record price again!